Friday, June 09, 2006

The Scott-Vines House (c. 1899)

The Scott-Vines House (c. 1899) at 422 Owen Avenue, Jonesboro, is owned by Jonathan Edmondson and Kyle Pugh. This grand, Queen Anne Victorian, built by Bessemer attorney Pinkney Scott, is a Bessemer landmark.
A charming, slender, three-story turret distinquishes the home. The structure has a traditional roof form, hipped with cross gables. It features large rooms, leaded glass, and large porches overlooking the gardens. The porch is two-tiered, with the upper level facing Owen Avenue, and the lower wrapping around the tower corner. Attractive bands of scalloped and diamond shingles remain on the tower.


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous said...

In 1971 I bought the home from the Whisenat family. I had installed the heating/cooling system in the upstairs and had plans to do the same for the down stairs so I had the 3phase AC service installed. The Old Tutwiler hotel was being demolishted down town and I had the opportunity to puchase one of the chandaleers . We moved to Decatur a few years later and left the chandaleer. This is one of those life time emperiences that if I could repeat it, I would have never left it.
Donald Dunlap


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