Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Stapp House

The Stapp Home, at 206 Stapp Avenue SW, is in a small section of unincorporated Jefferson County along 4th Avenue between Lakewood Estates and Jess Lanier High School.
The home features many hallmarks of the Craftsman style including a low-pitched roof (in this case, front-gabled); a full-width porch supported by square, brick columns extending from ground level on the corners, and square brick piers and battered columns flanking the front steps. The main roof extends over the porch
The owner hasn't been able to confirm the building date and suspects that the home was built in stages. The original owners of the house and much of the surrounding property was the Stapp Family. The Stapp brothers were owners of a butcher shop in Birmingham that they either moved to Bessemer or opened another shop in downtown Bessemer. They built the house from what appears to be salvaged planks and tongue/groove boards so the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. are all wood.
The house was sold to the Atchinson family at some point and they lived there for over 50 years. In subsequent years the land around the Stapp home was sold and built on but the home site still sits on about 1 acre.
Jennifer Prince purchased the property in Aug 2003 and is renovating the home.


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